The Insanity Spiral

In recent times, the NSA has been shown to be running unrestrained, again. Their power is immense. From within, the culture of secrecy promotes obsessive compulsive behavior, extreme paranoia, encourages delusions of grandeur, and intoxicates with power, technology, capability, and exhilaration of “being in the know.” 

Seen in individuals, they are diagnosable characterological disorders. This sets the stage for a clear and present danger to constitutional democracy: and it is presently uncontrollable.

Living in an absolutely secret world in one life, and denying or blocking that existence in the rest creates a completely schizophrenic state of being for everyone within the windowless, guarded, compartmentalized, and unassailable walls of secrecy.

But secret organizations are populated by people whose behavior models  a “group-think” culture that is very dangerous: it gives itself permission to be totally sociopathic.  If an individual were to behave the way the institution does, they would be considered dangerous criminal psychopaths.



The NSA is, institutionally, a paranoid, schizophrenic, sociopathic and obsessive-compulsive organization that induces this behavior in all within its walls.

The culture is also certain that it is always doing its patriotic duty, that is, cherry-picking the “right thing” amidst options and possibilities that are always a kaleidoscope of greys and shadows. 

Think of it as “Fox News” on steroids. Protected by the full might and power of the United States, all of its laws, and capability of controlling what is considered “fact.”

As a culture, therefore, everyone in it believes totally in their sanction to act as it chooses for what they believe “is for the benefit of all.”  The hierarchical chain of command authority is always preserved, adding to the delusion of “an illusion of authority.”

Secrecy makes foreknowledge of this challenge to mental health or morality impossible for anyone choosing to enter into service for the first time.

In effect, the prior constraint doctrine of the secrecy oath locks you down to a commitment to be mentally ill, with no way out.  In other contexts, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has struck down laws repeatedly because of the principle that prior constraint is illegal. Individuals within can not get out.

The only time Congress really intervenes is when the “4th Estate,” the press, reveals secrets via whistleblowers, and sometimes by carefully manipulated “leaks” designed to influence public opinion.

The Justice department basically rubber stamps whatever spun, scrubbed and rationalized material put in front of them. The only time Congress  intervenes is when the “4th Estate,” the press, reveals secrets via whistleblowers or manipulated “leaks” or Administration power plays.

The Justice Department and Congressional oversight committees have NO practical capacity to “audit” inner operations. They see what is put before them by the people they are auditing.

Think about it … NSA, the CIA and myriad of agencies that are wrapped up inside the invisible cloak are huge. No one looking in from the outside can possibly understand the scope or implications of discrete activities. Nor can they see how or when dubious actions are carefully framed in the best light, minus all the “greys” that have been parced away.

The President is the Secrecy Tzar, but he also only sees what he is given; the other branches of the government have little impact or control. The labrynth is so complex, layered and nuanced, audit from the outside is not a credible route for stability.

Like all institutions, the NSA, the CIA and others are committed to its own survival. Unlike most institutions, secret-infused organizations are themselves exempt from all normal rules of conduct. Furthermore, they can crush any opposition, anywhere, at any time. 

In practice, the the secret world of the NSA and the CIA  has become a clear and present danger to everything that  democracy stands for in  the United States of America. Thy can snoop and kill at will and are responsible to no one. They must be put under viable control.

The only real control over this totally dysfunction world comes from whistle-blowers who take their lives in their hands when they step forward.  Whistle-blowers know full well that they will be branded as “traitors,” even though their only benefit is to preserve their own sense of integrity and morality.

The only real control over this totally dysfunctional world comes from whistle-blowers. Whistle-blowers have no place to turn internally, and they risk everything about their freedom to step forward and reveal, intentionally or inadvertently.

Everyone who takes the oath commits for life, before they know what they are “protecting.,” and regardless of whether or not they retain their clearance after they quit. They face stiff penalties: up to life imprisonment or even capital punishment. A military person in a time of war can  legally be summarily executed.

Whistle-blowers must be given a protected outlet when secret crimes are committed.

This site is committed to posting evidence or news, and discussing this danger. These lead pages are diagnostic, think of them when you read the news.