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Syria Warnings

Reasonable questions. Lack of transparency is a problem. Why do you believe, or not?


Syria Warning

Obama warned by ex-intelligence personnel that there are problems with the intel that lie behind the beating drums. A problem with one cause: the lack of transparency and an expectation that NSA only produces gospel truth.

Warrantless Surveillance <link> 

NSA warrantless surveillance (2001–07)

The flap over Snowden’s leaks, as if this is something new, isn’t new news.

The People Are The Enemy

ALL US encryption software systems have back-door portals for NSA


Australia, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand all cooperated with the USA in the Echelon program,  “… a global system for the interception of private and commercial communications” mostly targeting signal intelligence (SIGINT) since the 1960’s.

Think about it. Would you buy encryption software from any of these countries and expect that you would be safe from NSA backdoors?

Moral Responsibility Has No Place in This Place

Bradley Manning pretty well demonstrates the fallacy of total secrecy that provides NO outlet for responsible, moral people to object to what this country is really doing. The right outlet is one that allows access to Congressional representatives. Without that the only alternative is to go to the press.

If it were treason, the leakers would be getting paid. They aren’t.

If everything is secret, than nothing is secret.

Good Question

I wish I had thought of this very basic, simple question.

Why is exposing a crime a crime?

And its corollary,

Why are crimes secret?

Talk about paranoid !!!

Proof positive.  Paranoid. Schizophrenic. Megalomaniac. Sociopathic. Obsessive Compulsive. Uber-Nationalist.  Delusional.

In other words…

Ex-CIA Boss Hayden is Insane.

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