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The Joint Chiefs of Staff are running their own secret policy … typical. If you have absolute control of information and marginal oversight, you have a government within a government that can do what it wants. Your only risk is an occasional investigative journalism break that can be ignored, or, more problematical, a determined whistleblower who is willing to risk his life to shout from the treetops.  Read this book review from the London Review of Books.  Follow the whispers ….sTopSecrets

Poke Poke poke-poke. Rats. backspace backspace delete delete. Poke poke poke poke ....

Poke Poke poke-poke. Rats. backspace backspace delete delete. Poke poke poke poke ….         How routine behavior goes viral.


Kill the Messenger,”with Jeremy Remmer. Go see the movie when you can.

An example in history on how invulnerability permits anything.
In a person … they are just crazy, somebody with a character disorder.

In an organization, it is an ultra-deadly threat: “institutionalized behavioral disorder.”

DSM VI, you need a new category.

Back-door portals

This shouldn’t  be a surprise

Syria Warnings

Reasonable questions. Lack of transparency is a problem. Why do you believe, or not?

Syria Warning

Obama warned by ex-intelligence personnel that there are problems with the intel that lie behind the beating drums. A problem with one cause: the lack of transparency and an expectation that NSA only produces gospel truth.

Warrantless Surveillance <link> 

NSA warrantless surveillance (2001–07)

The flap over Snowden’s leaks, as if this is something new, isn’t new news.

Moral Responsibility Has No Place in This Place

Bradley Manning pretty well demonstrates the fallacy of total secrecy that provides NO outlet for responsible, moral people to object to what this country is really doing. The right outlet is one that allows access to Congressional representatives. Without that the only alternative is to go to the press.

If it were treason, the leakers would be getting paid. They aren’t.

If everything is secret, than nothing is secret.

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