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It Starts With the “Oath”

… that never ends

Everyone who “takes the oath” obligates themselves by a legal principle known as “prior constraint.” The so-called instance of “National Security” is just about the only condition under which prior constraint can have legal validity. It originated as a practical or expedient necessity given the unusual conditions of a state of war where other individual rights are temporarily suspended. The blanket of secrecy, however, has expanded exponentially over time and has become a permanent state of affairs.

Given that there is no practical constraint, audit, oversight, accountability, or transparency, the National Security blanket can simply be declared, unchallenged, by secret departments within a single entity of government: the Administration. 

Judicial and Congressional entities have for all intents and purposes virtually no impact on what is declared secret, and there is no outside authority which can overrule operations or the security classifications that are assigned from within by internally defined standards.

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