The persistent rumors of the “CIA / mob” connection are starting to get more concrete.

Salon has a piece sourced from one of the Watergate plumbers … Howard Hunt “Inside the plot to kill JFK“.

It is a credible report that should be a concern and warning as to how dangerous intelligence services really are. Or more accurately, the puppet masters who abuse power. The article doesn’t mention it, but it raises the specter that Bobby was also in the cross hairs and that his death had the same roots, as was persistent speculation about suspicious circumstances around their mutual lover, Marilyn Monroe.

Anyone with first hand experience with what this article points out as “a classic “limited hangout” strategy—spy jargon for releasing some of the hidden facts, in order to distract the public from bigger, more explosive information” knows that the practice is not only common, it is a ROUTINE business practice.

Many Vietnam veterans within the windowless, ‘no talk about’ zones saw ‘limited hangout’ at play all the time, I mean ALL the time, as routine as at least once a shift in our eavesdropping work flying over Laos, the Gulf of Tonkin, low-level routes along the borders within South Vietnam and ground-based monitoring based in Nakhon Phanom, Thailand as well as Da Nang and Ton San Nhut, SVN. Our role was all about the air war in Vietnam and we reported in as the Air Force ‘wing’ of the NSA.

Intelligence services are always pretty damn good at collecting, connecting the dots and figuring out what is going on. All of them.

It is the gatekeepers, the undisclosed sources, that are the masters of deception, they do it as part of their professional work. NEVER, ever, believe ‘official sources,’ it may be true, but you will never know when it is a carefully crafted ‘half truth, the “… classic ‘limited hangout’ strategy”.

The intelligence services, as a last resort, can always be blamed for “poor intelligence” when things go south, at least politically, when actionable intelligence is not used, is misused or when a mistake is made. And we have all heard jokes about the oxymoron, “military intelligence.”

There is always a chance that there is some degree of “poor intelligence” following a disaster like 9/11, or any number of lesser incidences.

But here is the deal: under the cloak of super-secrecy, none of the services can reply back about “poor intelligence” and virtually no elected representative of “we, the people” or news reporters can find out and make public the dirty laundry.

I’d recommend putting your money on doubting whatever you hear is the ‘whole truth and nothing but the truth.’ Count on it, even if it is 99% true, the 1% that isn’t or us unsaid can flip interpretation of the “fact” 180 degrees in the opposite direction or to a different and more nuanced interpretation.

And so the institutionalized insanity of the secret-keepers agencies goes on as we look at the latest political disaster. Syria.